How to get sponsorship by company in Merchant Navy

Sponsorship in Merchant Navy is one of the best method to have a career in Merchant Navy. It ensures that you'll be onboard after completion of your college and will be provided employment but nowadays due to the rise in supply of seafarers many companies have stopped giving sponsorship to cadets.

Still there are many companies which provides sponsorship to the people who've recently cleared 12th and is looking for career options, few of the companies which still provide sponsorship are

  1. Wilhelmsen Ship Management

  2. Scorpio

  3. Fleet Management

  4. Nortrans

  5. Tolani Shipping

And many others.

In order to be eligible for their sponsorship you must score 60% aggregate in PCM (some companies demands more%) and also 60% score in English.

How to apply for sponsorship -

  1. Find all the companies which offer sponsorship and personally visit their website or call them to inform you about the sponsorship exam, after that fill the form pay the fees and then you'll be given a date for the entrance exam. Entrance Exam - Entrance exam consist of questions of Physics, Chemistry and Maths from 11th and 12th which you'd be able to solve easily if you've prepared thoroughly for your boards. The exam also consist of Analytical questions which is not that difficult.

  2. If you clear the exam you'd be called for a personal interview in which they'll be cheaking your communication skills, knowledge about the Merchant Navy industry, about the company and some basic PCM and Analytical questions.

  3. If you clear the interview you'd be called for a full medical cheak up and a psychometric test and if your medical reports are all fine you'd be selected as a sponsored cadet from the company.

I hope this answer fulfilled all your queries.

If you have any other question feel free to message me. :)

Any suggestions and changes are appreciated :)

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