Is it easy joining the Merchant Navy through an agent?

Is it easy joining the Merchant Navy through an agent? Answer 3 Follow Request More

6 Answers Ajay Kumar Tripathi, Chief Engineer Officer at Merchant Navy (2008-present) Answered October 17, 2019 Allow me to answer this question as I am currently at the rank of Chief Engineer Officer in Merchant Navy & having 22 years of experience in the field of Merchant Navy. Note:- I am sailing as a Chief Engineer Officer on Ultra Large Container Carrier having conventional and electronic engines. So, let's begin the answer. I know that in the current market situation it is very difficult to get job for freshers (cadets), but trust me you should never fall prey to the trap of an agent because I have seen 99% of the times, the agent will cheat and will fled away with your hard earned money. In very ra Continue Reading 1 Add a comment... Sponsored by GSK Pharma Don’t miss vaccination. Lockdown diseases, not childhood. Check your child’s vaccination card today and contact your Pediatrician for missed/due vaccination. Learn More Brian J. Dsouza, former Ship Master for 21 years (1994-2015) Answered January 16, 2018 No matter how desperate or rich you are please don't do this as they will not just take your money but you will surely wind up on an unsafe ship & that may cost you everything especially your life. If you have been following the latest news you would have heard of that tanker/bulker collision in the East China sea. 32 crew of the tanker all lost at sea. Would you like to be on a ship like that??? Join a regular company through the regular recruitment, difficult in todays times, but at least it wont cost you your life. 2.5K viewsView Upvoters 9 2 2 comments Related Spaces (More Answers Below) Maritime Knowledge A space for merchant navy, Sponsorship, Marine Engineering and other aspects Follow 1.7K All about Indian Army Indian Army aspirants and lovers Follow 30.5K SM Ruhollah Hii, In this Space we share you detail Information about govt and public sector jobs. Follow 107 Sailor's Cove Providing you a plethora of details you need to know about the maritime world. Follow 947 Army life In Love with Olive green💚 Follow 7.3K Indian Military Forces Insight into military forces of Republic of India, 4th most-powerful military Follow 5.9K SSB Preparation A unique space for defence aspirants who are preparing for SSB Interview. Follow 3.8K Put on the Uniform Fauji stuffs,capf,services selection Board,AFSB,Personality development,life Follow 2.8K NDA : an elite journey #सेवा परमो धर्मः #Service Before Self Follow 5K SERVICE SELECTION BOARD To provide guidance to SSB aspirants on all aspects of SSB Interview Follow 2.5K View More Spaces Akash Singh, works at Anglo-Eastern Group Answered January 19, 2018 Don't fall prey to any agent. They are useless..They will charge you a big sum of money.Most of the tym they will run away with your money .And if they placed you,then you will end up in some shit company and shit ship. Better is to study hard and try your luck . My one course mate got selected as a cadet recently.You know how much tym he waited.He waited till 5 yrs.He gave a lot of interviews .Studied a lot..Did not left any scope for the interviewer to ask him to leave.M very happy for him.Brave guy.Cheers. 687 viewsView Upvoters 1 Add a comment... Sponsored by Discovery Plus Top shows on the Indian Army. Stream on the Discovery Plus app. How do you become a lethal commando? Watch Breaking Point now - The Commando School. Get the App Related Questions (More Answers Below) Is merchant navy a good career choice for now? 106,416 Views What are the salaries in the merchant navy in India? 162,970 Views Is merchant navy a good field to work or not? 105,324 Views Ask New Question Other Answers Satish Kr, engineering at Student. Answered January 15, 2018 It’ll be a bit easier as because they will do all the required stuff for you. But that will cost you a little bit. You have to spend money according to their demand. And they will also provide assistant for your first job interview but after that you will rarely see them.


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